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About Us


Founded in March of 2021, The Drummey Angle was inspired by a personal dilemma from over a year prior. As we all isolated at home in the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic, I sought to pass the time by listening and reading baseball media. In my mind, the season was ever so close. As I tried reading various baseball news pages and other sorts, it became evident that there was a problem. Each site consisted of two extremes in their writing - they were either too stat-heavy with metrics that I did not understand, or too conventional when judging deals, often spitting rhetoric that had no actual value. A fan has to choose the advanced writings of Fangraphs or the basic writing of their local paper, which still sees Wins as an accurate measure for how a pitcher is doing. 


After the 2020 season failed to start on time, I continued on my search for this middle ground in a baseball medium. With a lot of time spent and little luck, I decided to start my own medium - a blog. Through lots of planning and time, The Drummey Angle launched as a solo operation.


Since then, our staff has grown to include five total authors. The site has developed a dedicated following, with viewership growing exponentially. Social Media accounts, including Instagram, have gained quite a bit of traction in their relative infancy. With less than a year under our belt and a proportionate amount of success, I can promise this is only the beginning.


Dylan Drummey

Founder of The Drummey Angle

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